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Indian Summer is just about behind us and we look forward to a fun-filled fall & hopefully prosperous upcoming holiday season!

In no particular order, here is some news to use:

  • Proposed Target Express coming to Ardmore: There is a proposal from the property owner of the lot on the corner of Ardmore & Lancaster Aves to build a mixed-use project with 35 apartments over a 2 story  Target Express. This project will be discussed at the Planning Commission on Monday 11/6 & at the LMT Building & Planning Committee on Wed. 11/8. How do you feel about this project? They are proposing to satisfy the parking requirement by using some of the existing public parking spots in the lot behind Merion Art & Repro, Past* Present* Future & the businesses on Lancaster Ave. There is a group of residents opposing the project out of concern for traffic, parking and negative impact on small businesses. The developers have a submitted traffic study which can be found here:  https://app.sharebase.com/#/document/3273/share/166-QgmC4QCMYj0I8eP82KLQ-Zi3pJY.   Please let us know what you think about this project.
  • Holiday Marketing Support:  Ardmore is on the MOVE and as the Dranoff Construction project unfolds,  The Ardmore Initiative is providing co-op marketing dollars to support your holiday marketing efforts. The Ardmore Initiative will provide funds on a first- come first -served basis.

* For those who prefer radio spots, please contact Nancy Gold at 610-642-9910. Her media company is affiliated with KYW Newsradio1060 & she gets great ad rates from them. She will help you write a 60 second spot that drives people to your business. 22 weekly spots plus sponsor tags are being offered for $465.  The campaign will span November 22nd though December 21st and begin with pre-Thanksgiving week which includes Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. See attached flyer.

* For those who prefer print, please contact Ducky Woods at  ewoods@mainlinemedianews.com to place your ad in the Main Line Media News holiday booklet  that will appear in 3 issues of Main Line Times and Main Line Suburban Life. Ads start at just $200. Space reservation & copy deadline is November 1.  See attached flyer

* Neighbor Saver: is a local direct magazine distributed to 30,000 located throughout: Ardmore, Wynnewood, Merion, Narberth, Haverford, Gladwyne, Bryn Mawr, Villanova.  The next issue will be in home by Dec 3rd.  The AI takes the center spread to promote upcoming events.  The balance is surrounded by business card size ads.  The cost is only $125 per merchant.  Price includes art, design and a page on NeighborSaver.net.   Only 10 spots available Please call or email Marci Herman if you are interested. c:  484-802-5494   e: marci@neighborsaver.net

Please email Christine@ardmoreinitiative.org ASAP to let us know if you would like to take advantage of these co-op dollars.

Also please send us your Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah & New Year’s  activities, sales & specials. Are you doing anything special for Small Business Saturday? If so, tell us & let us help you spread the word! Our PR person needs this info ASAP!

  • Ardmore Rotary Holiday Auction: The holidays are a time for giving and we KNOW that you are always being asked to contribute to so many worthy causes. But we are asking you once again to be generous and help support Ardmore Rotary.  Can you donate an item for their holiday auction which will be held in early December?  For those who don’t know, the Ardmore Rotary provides thousands of dollars of mini-grants every year to local non-profits to improve our community. They help support our beautiful new planters, they support movie nights in Linwood Park, a Garden for the Blind, the Ardmore Food Pantry and so many other valuable organizations. If you can donate an auction item, please email Christine with a description by Nov. 13. Thanks in advance for your support!
  • Cricket Cringle: Cricket Cringle is returning to Cricket Ave on Friday evening and Saturday Dec. 1 & 2. We encourage all of you to take advantage of the increased foot traffic the event brings to Ardmore. There are several ways you can participate: restaurants can apply to be a food vendor and sell and serve at the event. Retailers can also have a tent at the event location or, if that presents logistical & staffing challenges for you, please consider partnering with one of the businesses around the Cricket Lot and put in a Pop-up shop. Alternatively, you can set up a table outside your store  to attract & welcome visitors. Please email Christine if you are interested in participating!
  • Zoning Code changes: Lower Merion Township is updating the Zoning Code and Christine is serving on a Civic Engagement Committee to provide input and share the consultants proposals with all of you. Attached to this email is a brief summary of the consultants work to date and here is a link to more info: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyl179fnfcf5l6n/1704-PPT-BPC2.pdf?dl=0
  • Downtown Dollars: The popular Downtown Dollars program will be returning for the holiday season, courtesy of Dranoff Properties. Shoppers will be able to purchase a downtown gift card valid at participating businesses. Watch for more details regarding this economic incentive program designed to drive shoppers into YOUR businesses! This time the program will use electronic gift cards rather than printed Downtown Dollars so we will be in touch about programming your existing CC terminals to accept the cards. If you want to be part of the Downtown Dollars program, please let us know now.
  • Bethel AME – Bag Bingo: Bethel AME’s Bag Bingo is Friday, December 1st and they are in need of sponsors and giveaways. Please see the attached flyer and sponsorship package attached. For more info, contact Reverend Carolyn at 610-642-8966.
  • Business Comings and Goings:
    • Bam Bam Kitchen is open for lunch starting Wednesday 10/18. Will be open for lunch & dinner starting Friday 10/20- check them out!
    • Human Zoom is now Trek- same great staff, same great service!
    • PartyLand is now The Party Place
    • Ego Salon is gone, and will be replaced by another salon
    • pucciManuli has moved to 2 E Lancaster Ave.
    • Yi’s Boba, serving bubble tea will be opening soon at 24 E. Lancaster
    • Barbacoa has resurfaced as Ardmore Bar-B-Q, same location, same great food!

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