March Merchant Memo + 2 Week Look Ahead

Dear Merchants,

Happy St Patrick’s Day, Happy soon-to-be-first-day-of-spring, Happy March Madness, Go Wildcats! It’s a busy time in Ardmore!

We want to call your attention to some important information.

  • Snow removal
    Thank you to those of you who shoveled your sidewalks promptly. If at all possible and especially if you are on a corner, please try to clear a path to the street so that folks can cross. I recognize that in some cases the snow plows have plowed those curb cuts in again but please do your best to facilitate pedestrian mobility. Property owners who have not cleared their sidewalks can be cited and fined. If there is Township or other public property that needs attention please use the “Report It”  app which you can download from the Township’s website, Also please be aware of & attend to any melting snow or ice that may fall from your awnings or overhangs.
  • Cricket Lot
    As you are aware by now utility work on the Cricket Lot has begun and we anticipate the lot closing by the end of this month. Attached is the “2 week look-ahead” provided by Harkins Builders to keep us all informed of what’s happening on the lot as well as the Communications Plan and Contact List for any issues related to construction.
  • Parking Meeting
    Please attend a Parking & Detour meeting on Wednesday 3/22 from 8:30 to 10 a.m. in the Board Room of the Township building, 75 E Lancaster. We will review the temporary parking plan, present parking maps to be distributed to the public, answer questions, and get feedback from you regarding your needs during construction.
  • Stay in touch
    Please be sure to provide us email addresses for anyone from your company you would like to receive announcements from us. Also remember to join the Ardmore Business District Facebook group. This is a closed group for us to talk with each other. Let us know if you need to be invited again. And remember to send us any news of sales, changes, events or activities that you would like us to promote.
  • Comings & Goings
    • Tropicraft Furniture will be moving into the former Phila. Sports Club location soon.
    • Black Moth Tattoo studio is opening soon at 18 E. Lancaster Ave.

Attachments: Communication Plan2 Week Look Ahead (3/17/17)