If you thought video rental stores were extinct, think again! Ardmore’s Viva Video! The Last Picture Store stocks everything from new releases and classics to foreign films and documentaries.

Viva Video is truly a store built on passion. Owner Miguel got his start in the movie business selecting films for TLA Video stores. When TLA Video decided to shut its doors, Miguel bought all the movies he could afford in order to open Viva Video in 2012.

Miguel views his movie store as an opportunity to bring people with similar interests together. Once a month, Viva Video holds a free movie screening. Movie buffs would be excited to learn that Viva Video stocks several genres unavailable on Netflix, including Italian horror classics and silent Russian films.

Ardmore has proven to be the perfect location for Viva Video. Miguel enjoys Ardmore’s “supportive community” and finds it “very easy to connect” with other business owners. He has developed a loyal customer base that he enjoys sharing his cinematic knowledge with.

Bump your next movie night experience to the next level by renting your movie at Viva Video!

Address: 16 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003
Phone: (610) 649-8482
Website: viva-video.com


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