Rittenhouse Electric “beautifies the world one light at a time” by working as a personal lighting guide to satisfy its customer’s needs. It was established over 60 years ago in 1957, currently co-owned and operated by the Elkins brothers Michael and Adam. The brothers had been working there on and off before taking over the business in 2001. They have been in the area since they were kids and consider Ardmore their destination for generations. Due to their long-running business, the family has been able to witness the changes in Ardmore for years and really appreciate the growth and the strong sense of community and diversity Ardmore embraces.

Since its establishment, Rittenhouse Electric has been working to “help layout lighting to beautify the space” of its customers. They don’t believe in getting the cheapest product for its customers, but rather the right product for their space to look as best as it can. Their many years spent in Ardmore enabled them to have a great understanding of the house layouts, giving them an insiders advantage on knowing how best to light them. Their mission is to make customers “feel good about shopping here and be happy and have a good experience”. They also do a lot of commercial lighting and offer counter products and custom made fixtures. They specialize in lighting control, offering vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting and many other features, with all the systems designed and programmed in house.

The brothers are happy to have their business in the diverse and “urban feeling” neighborhood of Ardmore. If you want to have an “enlightening experience” and beautify your space, make sure to stop by the Rittenhouse Electric on your next trip to downtown Ardmore!

14 Rittenhouse Place,  Ardmore, PA 19003
Phone: (610) 649-2609
Website: RittenhouseElectric.com

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