The spunkiest store in Ardmore is Past*Present*Future! For nineteen years, Past*Present*Future has been supplying the Main Line with an eclectic variety of handmade crafts and gift items.

Sherry started Past*Present*Future at just 24-years-old with her own handmade merchandise. Overtime, as the arts community grew, Sherry incorporated more and more pieces from local artists. Today, Past*Present*Future sells a wide array of merchandise, from clothing and jewelry to ceramics and glassware.

Looking inside the window of Past*Present*Future, you will see a store full of beautiful items waiting to be taken home. As Sherry puts it, her store is a “touchy-feely kinda place.” Fun displays catch customers’ eyes at every corner of the store.

As a resident and business owner, Sherry is committed to making Ardmore a more vibrant place. In 2006, Sherry brought interested stakeholders together to found First Friday Mainline, a nonprofit that engages the community in the arts through fun events.

This holiday season, visit Past*Present*Future to purchase something unique for your loved ones. Or even better, treat yourself to something special – you won’t regret it!

Address: 15 W Lancaster Ave
Phone: 610-642-4040


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