Russ Benner inside Mapes 5 & 10 on Rittenhouse Pl.
Since the young age of twelve with an egg route in Levittown, PA, J. Raymond Benner has been nothing short of a steadfast worker. Benner’s entrepreneurial drive motivated him to take a leap in 1975 when he sold his car and home to purchase Mapes 5 & 10 in Narberth.  In his book, Main Street Mercenaries, Benner remarks on the sacrifices he and his family have made for this popular hardware, paint, and variety store.  “In the beginning my wife and kids worked every Christmas and Easter to keep the store open 365 days a year,” says Benner. “They made their most important purpose to support Mapes and there was no way I could have done it without them.”

Over the years Mapes has grown and evolved. They’ve opened in towns across the area and entered Ardmore in 1985 with their first location on Rittenhouse Place. Ten years later, after the success of their Rittenhouse Place store, they decided to open a Mapes toy store on Lancaster Ave. Today this location carries both toys and hardware. A true one-stop shop!

After 30+ years of business in Ardmore, it is safe to say Benner could be considered an expert on life here. When asked about his favorite Ardmore memory, he spoke warmly about the people that make up the town. “When we first opened up our stores 30 years ago I was taken by how nice the people are and still are. There’s a great respect for older people, and people look out for kids. Everybody seems to be a happy shopper and I always get positive feedback.”

Mapes differentiates itself from its superstore competitors by having exceptional customer service. Rather than running around endlessly searching for assistance, customers are instead greeted at the door by eager employees ready to help.  In addition to their customer service, Mapes is known for having quite the impressive inventory. Whether you’re looking for kitchen supplies, that one particular nail, or even a toy, chances are Mapes can end your search. Mapes is also known for their doorbuster deals, 20% off every First Friday, and toy, paint and sidewalk specials. Mapes’ ability to be the ultimate one-stop-shop and yet still have small town charm is something truly unique.

Address: 71 Rittenhouse Place, Ardmore, PA 19003
Phone: (610) 649-6945

Address: 210 W. Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, PA 19003
Phone: (610) 658-9505

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