Have you ever wondered what your shirt says about you? A pristinely pressed collar speaks to years of diligent and unwavering determination, the buttons, sewn tightly and tucked humbly into place, communicate a deliberate expectation of elegance and poise. An Ardmore mainstay, The King’s Collar Shirtmakers has been bringing these ideas to life since its start in Haddonfield, New Jersey in 1978. At King’s Collar, shirts are tailored and elegantly designed with the individual in mind. These custom, American made pieces are crafted by expert shirt maker and fervent Ardmore cheerleader, Nancy Gold.

After years of success in her Haddonfield, NJ and Center City, Philadelphia locations, Gold was inspired to plant roots in Ardmore’s growing commercial district. Gold cemented her role as an activist business owner when she was first appointed president of the Ardmore Business Association. In more ways than one, Gold has left her mark on the fabric of Ardmore’s rich history by consistently supporting the small business community and Ardmore’s revitalization efforts.

Gold, like the many enthusiastic entrepreneurs in Ardmore, has helped the town to become the commercial gem that it is today. Gold speaks highly about Ardmore’s convenient location and all of the diverse businesses that populate the streets.

The town itself is a jewel. Located just 25 minutes from Center City and with an Amtrak station that can take one to Harrisburg, New York and the airport, Ardmore has a location that is priceless. The town itself is home to Suburban Square and is supported by a downtown presence of restaurants with an international flavor, and a friendly group of service and retail businesses where people really do know you by name. The community is diverse by its nature and its residents and business owners are active participants in its growth.

Recently, Gold has also become a published author through her latest book, Shirt Tales, where she puts on paper the history of King’s Collar Shirtmakers, offers a how-to primer for budding entrepreneurs, and encourages start up business owners to “just go for it”. The book is available for purchase in the Ardmore Initiative office or online here.

If you are in need of some beautifully designed and crafted custom shirts, schedule your appointment with Nancy today. King’s Collar is also offering a new client, holiday special – a minimum order of 4 shirts for just $100 per shirt. With a 38-year history of producing an American-made product, and promoting a town that she loves, Gold has proven to be an influencer on downtown Ardmore’s history, character, and community.

(By appointment only)
One West Athens Ave., Ardmore, PA 19003
Phone:(610) 642-9910
Website: KingsCollar.com

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