Often referred to as “Cheers!” because of the strong connection to their customers, Giannini Jewelers has been a staple in Ardmore for 70 years. Their loyal following and continued success is no surprise.

John, one of the current owners, has been working in the store for many years. He used to be an educator and would work in the shop after school and during the summers. After retiring from education, John and his sister bought the business from family in 1997.

Giannini is different from most jewelry stores of today because they not only sell, but pride themselves on maintaining and fixing jewelry as well. John explains, “We provide an important service to Ardmore.” It is this service and atmosphere that has kept people coming back for years.

“We just like being in this area,” John said. “People take pride in the fact that they live and/or shop in Ardmore.” Whether you are looking to buy a new piece of jewelry, or looking to fix one of your favorite pieces, head to Giannini Jewelers for service that can’t be beat!

Address: 15 E. Lancaster Ave., Ardmore, PA 19003
Phone: (610) 642-6860
Website: GianniniJewelers.com

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