Real connections.

That is the premise Bizzy Mamas was founded in 2014 by Tina Nerelli and Stephanie Gambescia Seal. Bizzy Mamas started as an online networking group where busy moms and business owners could virtually meet and share common interests, voice concerns and celebrate success.  Stephanie and Tina knew from the beginning that in-person connections mattered and having a place where people could solidify relationships would be even better. The popular Meet the Mamas monthly networking events began in August 2014 and in September 2014 they added a Bizzy Breakfast as a quarterly meet up of members and guests.

After over a year of networking and business building the duo started to look for a permanent home for the group. They envisioned a space for their members to have meetings, drop in to collaborate, host events, have use of a photography space, and a desk to call their own. They looked at many different spaces but kept coming back to Ardmore. The great location, especially close to the train, sealed the deal! The Mamas love all that Ardmore has to offer – restaurants, farmers market, shopping, and the abundance of professional services. There are many different co-working spaces in the city, which are predominately tech focused, but the Bizzy Mama space is different.  It is an exciting mix of industries coming together to work in one space, collaborate, and share. It is laid back, come as you are, and comfortable. This month the Bizzy Mamas celebrate 2 years in Ardmore and are ready to welcome new members.

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