Since opening its doors in 2006, Ardmore Toyota has been providing the area with the latest Toyota vehicles. The family-owned and operated dealership has a large inventory of both new and pre-owned models with an award-winning Service & Parts Department and overall high quality customer service.

The family’s first dealership opened in Central City in 1969 and will be celebrating its 50th year February 2019. Vice President Ryan Pesin says they chose Ardmore as their second location because of its proximity to Philadelphia and Havertown, where most of their customers are from. The Toyota family grew to love Ardmore not just because of its convenient location but the close-knit community relationship within. “The businesses always make it a point to offer what the local community residents want, whether it is food, drink, clothing or even cars. In return, the community is very committed to shopping locally here in Ardmore as opposed to out of the area. The support of the community for the businesses is impressive.”

Although Pesin lived in Ardmore his whole life, the friendly and supportive neighborly relations in the community surprised him. The Toyota family integrated this approach into their business by being very community-oriented. They are proud to support many events in Ardmore, including the Ardmore Initiative’s signature fundraiser “Taste of Ardmore” – an event that highlights the diverse and exciting restaurant scene in Ardmore.

The Ardmore Toyota team takes pride in having “happy customers” by putting them first and finding the right vehicle that suits their needs, budget and driving style. They also have a BBQ Cookout every Saturday with hamburgers, hot dogs, wings, popcorn, drinks and more. Customers can enjoy the food and environment while purchasing a car or waiting to get their car serviced. Ardmore Toyota is committed to their business and the Ardmore community and plan to bring newer vehicles and types of mobility to their customers in the years to come.

219 E. Lancaster Avenue,  Ardmore, PA 19003
Phone: 888-496-2244

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